The Beach by the Numbers

Did you know the average hotel cost for a family of four to spend a week at the beach in July is $2,300?* Break free from check-out times, hidden fees, cramped parking garages and Sunday traffic and invest in a beach haven you can enjoy year-round at the Meadows of Beaver Creek in Milton.

Our beach communities offer residents an escape from the Route 1 madness, and instead provide quiet serenity, gorgeous views, and a private pool to be enjoyed on your time. From there, take a short drive to some of the Mid-Atlantic’s best attractions, restaurants, and retailers, or simply enjoy a day spent by the sea.

Ready to make the switch from avid tourist to proud resident? There’s never been a better time to take the plunge and save big in the long run. Your never-ending summer is waiting at the Meadows of Beaver Creek – now selling! 

** Estimate gathered from various online booking agencies.