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In 1964, Colonel John G. Georgelas had a dream to build his very first home. This dream, like so many started from a well-cultivated vision, but this vision actually had the potential to grow and become something much, much more.

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Brick-by- brick, together with his three sons, the Colonel and his family started building the foundation for what now is a 50-year legacy of developing communities and building homes throughout Virginia and, more recently, in Delaware.

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Being in the homebuilding business for over 50 years, Bryton Homes has learned what matters most to our home owners.

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That’s why it was the lure of an area’s natural beauty and the charming sense of community that first brought Bryton Homes to each community they call home.

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What started from the mind of a true visionary and fine craftsman is now a place where generations of families live and make memories.